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Wallace Wedding

December 22, 2017


Stephanie has selected a wide range of forms in the Peacock patterns: Peacock, Lined Peacock, and Dotted Peacock. She is collecting 8 place settings of the following items:


Soup Cup w/Plate in 54A/Lined Peacock - qty = 4

Soup Cup w/Plate in 54K/Dotted Peacock - qty = 4


Bowl G15 in 54/Peacock - qty = 4

Bowl G15 in 54K/Dotted Peacock - qty = 4


Napkin Rings in 54/Peacock - qty = 12


Some of the items are currently out of stock, but will be arriving in future shipments. If you would like to reserve one or more pieces in a future shipment, please call or email us and we can take care of this for you.



Please let us know if you are purchasing items for this Wedding Registry so we can keep their quantities updated. Thanks!




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